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The Solabia Group intends to explore the inestimable potential of this ocean island, sheltered from all pollution and classified as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 1988. Considered as a real economic and social driver, Solabia is the only company authorized to harvest and grow the algae on this island, which are all organically certified.

Iroise sea is a serum of life for the many algae that live and grow there, including the famous Neptune Harpoon, of which Solabia has developed a purifying and detoxifying extract.

( Aqueous extract of Asparagosis Armata )

Neptune, or Poseidon, depending on whether we are talking about Roman or Greek mythology, refers to the God of the Sea and Oceans with power over the water world. This red algae, native to Australia and discovered there in 1855, takes its name by analogy with the presence of hooks or harpoons on its barbed branchlets, resembling the god’s trident.

This red alga has a specific structure which comes from the presence of cells which secrete not only iodinated but also brominated and chlorinated volatile halogenic organic compounds, giving it purifying antibacterial and antifungal properties and can stimulate the skin hydration process.
(Biard J.F., 1980-Pinteus S.,2015)

SOLABIA TEAM & RESEARCH – Established in 1972

Present in the cosmetics, pharmacy, nutrition, biotechnology and microbiological diagnosis sectors, the Solabia Group, with its six production units, has complementary expertise that enables it to offer an extensive range of active principles and ingredients used throughout the world by the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food industries. In three decades, Solabia has become an international group, the result of perfectly controlled internal and external growth.

Having a very varied range of ingredients due to its high Innovation potential combined, not only with the internationally recognised Expertise of its researchers, but also with its diverse technologies and the industrial control of its production units, in fields as varied as Biotechnology, Plant & Marine Extraction, Fine Chemicals and Encapsulation, our primary vocation is to meet the different needs of a constantly evolving market, whose requirements in terms of traceability, sourcing, naturalness, efficacy, safety and regulatory compliance are increasingly numerous, with the ultimate aim of enhancing the beauty of the skin and hair.

Not everything we do in an attempt to enhance our beauty is necessarily good for us, some of the product expose us to the danger of severe skin disorder and possibly even cancer risk through their desire to have beauty skin. We are believed that it’s the added value to our product – which makes the difference compare to others products in the market.

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