Hydra Solution Mist

Hydra Solution Mist


Experience an ultimate refreshing beautifying solution – for a brighter start to every day. It is non-drying to the skin, readily absorbed. It is specially formulated with skin-loving ingredients, offers superior action to the skin in various way and leaves skin feeling clean and refreshed.

You’ll enjoy healthy-looking and flawless youthful skin after all. Whether spritzed for a hydrating boost or mid-day pick-me-up, our hydra solution mist helps revive dehydrated skin anytime, anywhere.

  • SPF30+
  • Light as air formula
  • Provide refreshing burst of hydration any time
  • Protect against oxidation due to pollution
  • Prevent aging by induced collagen synthesis
  • Intensifying your chosen foundation finish
  • Spritzing some onto make up brush when applying pigment/shimmery products to get bolder color & less fall-out

Direction of Use

Mist onto face, neck as needed. Use it to infuse more hydration, or post-makeup application to give skin a dewy finish. For external use only.


Active Ingredient # 1: ATP / Algin / Papaya Extract
This active ingredient optimizes the water balance of the epidermis. The natural energy building block ATP stimulates the cell metabolism of the skin. It is essential for maintaining the osmotic equilibrium in the epidermis and this actively regulates its water balance.

Algin, a water-retentive gel derived from sea algae, forms a hydrofilm on the skin and reduces the transepidermal water loss. The enzyme papain from the tropical fruit papaya removes old skin cells and promotes skin regeneration.

  • Immediate improvement in skin moisture level
  • Long-term improvement in skin moisture
  • The skin is protected against evaporation

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ACTIVE INGREDIENT # 2: Camellia Japonica Flower

The Air Pollution Aging Your Skin

  • Continuous exposure of your skin to pollutants like dirt and dust, free radicals, UV, and cigarette smoking, may lead to skin diseases. These diseases include dermatitis, premature aging of skin and disturbance of the skin barrier function.

How to fight pollution :
Key Active Ingredient : Natural Extract from Camellia Japonica Flower -> Specialized for anti-pollution.

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What is it ? Red Flower blooming with Snow : Camellia Japonica
Origin : Jeju island – The island of camellia trees
Called the rose of winter : Bloom in OCT-MAR
Multi-efficacy of Extract from Camellia Japonica Flower

Efficacy in vivo:
Skin Hydration, Anti Wrinkle, Dermal density, Anti-Pollution

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Regular Size 50ml
Travel Size 30ml

Selling Price

Regular Size RM129.00
Travel Size RM69.00



体验极致清爽养颜补水喷雾 – 让您每天都焕然一新。产品不会造成肌肤干燥问题, 且易于吸收。采用特殊配方,含亲肤成分,以各种方式为肌肤提供超强活性,令肌肤倍感洁净清爽。


  • 防晒系数 30+
  • 如气雾配方一般轻质
  • 随时补水,清爽肌肤
  • 防止污染造成的氧化
  • 通过诱导胶原蛋白合成来防止衰老
  • 强化您选择的粉底定妆
  • 当使用彩妆/提亮产品时,喷适量本品至化妆刷上
  • 让肤色更靓丽、减少辐射性微尘


活性成分 #1:三磷酸腺苷/褐藻胶/木瓜萃取物

本活性成分可优化表皮的水分平衡。天然能量构造块 ATP 刺激肌肤细胞新陈代谢。其对维持表皮的渗透平衡至关重要, 并可积极调节表皮的水分平衡。


  • 立即改善肌肤含水水平
  • 长期改善肌肤含水状况
  • 使肌肤免受水分蒸发的困扰


活性成分 # 2:山茶花 空气污染造成肌肤老化

  • 肌肤持续暴露于污垢、灰尘、自由基、紫外线和烟气等污染物吸烟可能导致肌肤疾病。这些疾病包括皮炎、肌肤过早衰老和肌肤屏障功能障碍。


Hydro Solution Mist ingrd2.png

它是什么? 雪中绽放的红花: 山茶花




标准装 50ml
旅行装 30ml


标准装 RM129.00
旅行装 RM69.00